A lone musician with many musical friends that inspire me to play. Not looking to get any record deal of any sort. Just keep'n it plain and simple. I play mostly guitar but fiddle around with harmonicas, keyboards, irish whsitles, and digery doo. I dont care much for the best sound equipment either. Dont want my music to sound like studio magic. The real magic is when you hear background noises of doors or some random noise that falls into place with the song. So I use a digital 8 track recorder. Well use too. Now I use Audacity. Simple recording program. Just hook up my amp to my comp and go from there. Problem is that it doesnt have a good eq or mixer. So until I get a mixer and with good eqing I recommend head phones because my speakers dont do my music justice. When ever I play it back on any speaker, everything is too quite and muddy. So before you suggest increasing levels try the head phones first. The music that plays me sounds of melodic soft tunes that seem to glizen. Have a Listen!

Oh Hail Gales of Wind

February 1st, 2013 + 11:02 PM  ·  sword

I've been working on a pirate theme for some time now. I wanted to try doing a very raw sea chanty something you'd hear on boat back in the days of piracy. It still needs some tidbits of vocs of yo ho ho and ar! But its gettng closer to being finished. Be anyone to fill me black jack with rum?

Oh hail thee gales of thee wind
fill thy sails onward we be.
crack'n o me deck, be my lullabyes
tis thee sea, rocks me asleep

onward starboard
hoist the colors
weigh anchor porter bow

we sea dogs, life be cheap
coins hold no quater, fer me pockets
boots be with holes, nay to a compass
be, plenty of stars and rum fer course

onward starboard
hoist the colors
weigh anchor porter bow

Oh hail thee gales of thee wind
fill thy sails onward we be

ye land lubbers eats cackle fruit
me has his black jack full of rum
fancy many dress me prouds of mes jack tar!
me life be care free savy

onward starboard
hoist the colors
weigh anchor porter bow

Oh hail thee gales of thee wind
fill thy sails onward we be
onward we be

Ode To Chuck

September 3rd, 2012 + 6:09 PM  ·  sword

Wanted to get back to some good simple rock and roll so it led to this. One guitar track along with my friend on the harmonica with both of our voices. This is his first attempt at the harmonica. I was playing the song thinking it needed something more. I happen to have a harmonica and asked him to just try it out. He nailed it. Made the song a hundred times better. Although, we're thinking of redoing the harmonica part. Its a bit too huffy puffy in parts but makes the song so much fuller with it. If it werent for Chuck berry rock'n  roll wouldnt exist.

Oh Chuck must be rolling in his grave,
from musics modern day.
It aint got no soul,
not since like the days he invented rock and roll.
Now its just, tiny bits of the next best thing.
Nothing profound, that sticks or stays.
Who else can say that their duck walk on stage,
made everyone forget segragation for one day.

Beach boys got nothing on the Berry.
They stole his glory.
And thats the end of the story.

Made by Gratitude

July 20th, 2012 + 12:07 AM  ·  sword

An older song of mine that I recently redone. Simple guitar track with some vocs. Kinda like its rawness. Some of the lyrics could be better synced but I like how it sounds. This song is dedicated to Beck, one of my top favorite bands. Just my way of saying thanks for all his good music.

Your songs have done well.
Helped me in times of hell.
Gives me the feeling,
of going, on a mystic journey.
Now before me a destiny.
I've got a place to be.
They might say its crazy
but I can imagine how you see
that we shouldn't take life so seriously.
It's ok to day dream.
Thats when I am most free.

I hope one day I can do the same.
For someone who has lost their way.
Needing a crutch to get through their day.
So lets all say...
Thank you for teaching me(3x)
Cheers Beck!

Cajun Bliss

October 8th, 2011 + 11:10 PM  ·  sword

Was at work and suddenly the line, "out on the bayou" came out of nowhere and lead to this. Sadly I dont know anyone who has a banjo to play that classic ba ba ba ba ba ba ba bum part. Other wise it would be in there. Jambalaya anyone?

Out on the bayou,
we aint got much roads.
I fish with my toes.
My pillow is a big ole toad.
On a warm summers night,
the fireflies dance with light.
With my moonshine, by my side.
The banjo plays,
it makes me smile.

Cause on the bayou,
the days go a little slower.
which in turn, makes me happier.

Out on the bayou....

By now my traps, are good and wet.
Haul up my catch, of crayfish.
Boil them in stew,
gonna make some gumbo too.

Cause on the bayou,
the days go a little slower.
Which in turn, makes me happier.

yeah get'm mama! Can she play! (incoherent hillbilly jibberish)

Out on the bayou....


October 2nd, 2010 + 2:10 PM  ·  sword

Came up with a simple guitar melody and wanted to try to sing something different. Somehow it turned into something A cappellaish. Im quite surprised how far my range could go. I only used delay for effects. No changing of pitchs at all with audio programs or equipment. Im considering this one "Done" but maybe some ideas you may have will polish it more brightly.
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